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Coming Out Simulator 2014 - a half-true game about half-truths

Coming Out Simulator is exactly what it says it is. It’s a free-to-play conversation simulator based on/inspired by the personal story of coming out of its creator, Nicky Case.

There’s no easy answer in Coming Out Simulator, no optimal ending to be achieved if you collect the requisite amount of points. Case based the game off a pivotal moment in his own life as a teenager. And just like in real life, the moment of “coming out” in this game is traumatic no matter which way the player chooses to approach it.

Ultimately, it’s liberating as well. But that’s not what the brunt of the experience playing Coming Out Simulator is actually like. […] There’s power in exploring a fantasy like the one in Mass Effect 3, but there’s also power in being reminded that “coming out” the way one does in that game is a fantasy, and a pretty far-fetched one for many people who faced far more difficult challenges when they actually came out.

Coming Out Simulator is a game about that second experience. It’s a painful one. But it’s also a necessary one, that I think more people who’ve never had to struggle with their own sexual identity should see for themselves. 

this game made me cry omfg

July 24 2014, 09:59 PM

Andrej Pejic Comes Out as Trans Woman, Now Andreja
"I think we all evolve as we get older and that’s normal but I like to think that my recent transition hasn’t made me into a different individual. Same person, no difference at all just a different sex."


Andrej Pejic Comes Out as Trans Woman, Now Andreja

"I think we all evolve as we get older and that’s normal but I like to think that my recent transition hasn’t made me into a different individual. Same person, no difference at all just a different sex."


July 24 2014, 02:25 PM

Bloomberg Businessweek: "Straight Business Students Are Crashing Gay Job Fairs" 


About 4% of students at the top business schools in the country are LGBT. At large Southern schools, that number is closer to 1%. In such a stereotypically straight industry, it’s important for these students to know there ARE employers who are LGBT-inclusive, and these are showcased every year at LGBT career fairs around the country.

The problem is when straight students start showing up en masse, diluting the focus on LGBT individuals. For example, at an event held last year by Reach Out MBA, an organization supporting LGBT MBA students, 10% of the 1,100 registered attendees were straight. Now, the group has decided to more closely monitor fair attendance. Students must write a statement about why they want to attend or sign up through their campus LGBT groups.

While many school officials understand Kidd’s complaint about the number of non-LGBT students at the event, some don’t see the concern. “There are recruiters there who are happy to talk to anyone that’s talented,” says Chequeta Allen, executive director of the career management center at William & Mary’s business school. “The idea of those groups is to ensure inclusiveness, not to say, ‘We only want LGBT people.’”

In a presentation at the Graduate Management Admission Council’s annual conference last month, Kidd told schools that the trend becomes offensive to LGBT students in attendance because they’ve heard straight students say things like: “Dude, I’m not gay” or “There needs to be less focus on gay stuff at this event.”

Safe, LGBT-only spaces are important, especially in straight-dominated industries. Sure, I can see allies being interested in going to inclusive workplaces, but that’s not the purpose of events like these.

Stories like this bum me out because there is no shortage of job opportunities for business students, so it seems unfair for cis, straight students to jump into the LGBT pool just to see what they can get out of it. Feels a lot like white students applying for POC scholarships because “reverse racism!!!”.

What do you think?

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11 Gay Book Characters Turned Straight for the Movie Version 

July 24 2014, 10:04 AM

Victory! Federal judge in Colorado strikes down same-sex marriage ban as unconstitutional 


Another step forward in Colorado! Yesterday, a federal judge ruled that the state’s ban on marriage equality is unconstitutional.

Earlier this month, a state judge issued a similar ruling striking the ban down. A few clerks started issuing licenses to same-sex couples, and there’s been a lot of back-and-forth about whether they were allowed to continue. Now, District Court Judge Raymond P. Moore’s ruling has been stayed until August 25. 

From Freedom to Marry president Evan Wolfson: 

Judge Moore did the right thing today, both by the Constitution and by Colorado values. This is the second court decision in favor of the freedom to marry just in Colorado - and across the country, judge after judge, court after court, in state after state have all examined the evidence and sifted through the arguments and concluded that the denial of marriage to same-sex couples cannot stand. It’s time for the state attorney general to stop spending taxpayer money to defend the indefensible and allow gay couples to wed now.

Yes yes yes! Colorado’s case is moving so quickly, and I’m so excited for marriage equality to finally win here and everywhere. 

July 24 2014, 09:29 AM

Connecticut Child Advocate criticizes DCF treatment of transgender teen ‘Jane Doe’ 

July 24 2014, 12:18 AM

When a trans person is ridiculed or dismissed not merely for failing to live up to gender norms, but for their expressions of femaleness or femininity, they become the victims of a specific form of discrimination: trans-misogyny. When the majority of jokes made at the expense of trans people center on “men wearing dresses” or “men who want their penises cut off,” that is not transphobia—it is trans-misogyny. When the majority of violence and sexual assaults committed against trans people is directed at trans women, that is not transphobia—it is trans-misogyny. When it’s okay for women to wear “men’s” clothing, but when men who wear “women’s” clothing can be diagnosed with the psychological disorder transvestic fetishism, that is not transphobia—it is trans-misogyny. When women’s or lesbian organizations and events open their doors to trans men but not trans women, that is not transphobia—it is trans-misogyny.

 - Trans Woman Manifesto, from Whipping Girl, by Julia Serrano  (via plantpastelblog)
July 23 2014, 05:02 PM

Maryland insurance now covers transition-related care for trans state employees 


Transgender state employees in Maryland can now access transition-related healthcare under their state-provided insurance. 

The decision comes after 31-year-old Sailor Holobaugh sued the state when he was denied reimbursement for a mastectomy he got as part of his transition. Maryland is only the third state after Oregon and California to extend these rights to trans state employees. 

"It’s a pretty sweeping change," said Jer Welter, managing attorney at Free State Legal. "It is going from care for gender transition being completely, categorically excluded in all of the plans, to being fully covered under all of the plans."

Welter said a 2007 executive order by Gov. Martin O’Malley banning discrimination against transgender state employees set a clear precedent under which to challenge the health insurance carve out, and that officials at the state were more than willing to work with him to change the policy when they heard about Holobaugh’s case.

Woohoo! Way to go, Maryland! (For real, only three states do this?!) 

July 23 2014, 03:10 PM

Transgender Girl Sent to Boys' Prison 

July 23 2014, 02:26 PM

Breaking: Federal Judge Set To Strike Down Colorado Same-Sex Marriage Ban