March 19 2013, 03:14 PM
If someone made a totally genderbent Les Mis, who would be in your ideal cast for it?


oh my god i really have to think about this i don’t want to fuck it up omg omg ogmogmgomgg


JEAN VALJEAN - the literal first person who popped into my head was audra mcdonald and now i’m just sitting here catatonic because how fucking amazing would that be

JAVERT - who the fuck can even go up against audra mcdonald i’m really really having a hard time with this one - let’s just say idina menzel for now but there’s probably a better choice. bernadette peters? marin mazzie? ALICE RIPLEY

FANTINE - josh henry oh my god josh henry

COSETTE - grey henson what a cute baby oh my god

MARIUS -nikki m. james but jennifer damiano would be great too

ENJOLRAS - me alfkjsdlfs no i’m kidding it has to be sierra boggess or patina miller

EPONINE - is benjamin walker available do you think

YOUNG COSETTE - idk i don’t know any boys working on bway


THENARDIERS - josh gad for mme. thenardier and u m jane lynch for thenardier i guess oh my god

BISHOP - angela lansbury because why shouldn’t we have it all

GRANTAIRE - caissie levy

  1. differenzeartistiche said: This would be epic. Although maybe Matt Doyle as Eponine and Harvey Fierstein as Mme Thenardier? Marin Mazzie + Audra McDonald makes me drool at the mere thought
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