July 20 2012, 10:55 AM

I mean, that’s kind of what superheros are all about though. the crime, the fighting, the superpowers, the villains

i guess what i’m trying to say is that it’s really difficult for me to swallow this because

i watched the joker blow up a hospital, i watched him kill rachel dawes, i watched him terrorize boatloads full of people

and that was entertainment

it’s entertainment and it’s, what, the biggest box-office hit of all time?

and that movie was PG-13 and the dark knight rises is also PG-13 and there were three-month-old babies in that movie theatre in aurora and i just

i sincerely want to throw up rn

  1. seymourandsylvia said: it’s scary when it’s real.
  2. twinkwhisperer said: doesnt homestuck have things like decapitation and people getting ripped and half and falling off cliffs?????
  3. sailsthroughthesky said: I see what you’re saying but The Dark Knight Trilogy is one of the best. It seems like you’re trying to blame the shooting on the movie. ..?
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