July 29 2014, 12:08 AM

i am going to need to change my icon to say “‘luke is queer’ post” at some point in the next 500 days

July 28 2014, 11:45 PM
i'd just like you to know that queer luke 2k15 just made my night. i need canon queer luke to happen right now.

the movie doesn’t come out for another 500 days that’s plenty of time to lobby jj abrams and mark for #QueerLuke2K15

July 28 2014, 11:39 PM


Perhaps the most fascinating thing about the Skywalker family was not how easily they tended to fall to the dark side, but how they eventually returned to the light

July 28 2014, 11:25 PM


i want you all to know patron got macked on in the elevator wearing pink slippers

and when the guys shout out ‘girl, you bad,’ as she walked out the elevator, she pushed a lock of her hair back and called out ‘i know’

they were begging for her name as the doors closed

July 28 2014, 11:11 PM
it was when you were drunk

well that certainly explains it

July 28 2014, 11:10 PM
At my school we were banned from talking about the super bowl because it was too painful to remember

we’ll get ‘em this year

July 28 2014, 11:08 PM
stan marsh is busy blogging this for serious though

gotta keep fuckyeahjohnelway in tip-top condition

July 28 2014, 11:07 PM

daisyanatomy replied to your post: daisyanatomy replied to your post:&nbs…

ok more importantly did you ever eat the teaspoon of ketchup like i dared you to

i don’t remember this at all but i have not consumed any ketchup i’m sorry

July 28 2014, 11:05 PM
oh gosh, preseason doesn’t count!

everything counts #redemption #vengeance #bleedorangeandblue